Richard Green


Chief Executive, Design and Technology Association

Richard became Chief Executive of the Design and Technology Association in November 2004. He originally trained at Goldsmiths as a D&T teacher and taught in Kent before becoming a head of department in a large London comprehensive school. This was followed by work as a local authority adviser and inspector working with primary, special and secondary schools.

He has written and contributed to a wide range of design and technology publications, been involved in research, acted as a consultant on educational TV programmes, and initiated projects linking design and technology in schools to business and industry.

At the D&T Association he has overall responsibility for the organisation and has been directly involved in a wide range of professional and curriculum development programmes the Association has run on behalf of the DfE and other agencies.

He also lead the successful ‘Believe in D&T’ campaign that ran from 2011 into 2013 and which engaged a large, diverse range of support for retaining D&T as a National Curriculum subject for all pupils from 5 to 14. The campaign was also responsible for ensuring the draft programme of study published by the DfE in February 2013 was completely revised.

Dick Powell


Co-Founder and Design Director, Seymourpowell

Dick Powell is co-founder of internationally renowned design and innovation company Seymourpowell.

Dick is the current Chairman of D&AD, and has twice been president of D&AD. As Chairman, Dick is a mentor to the team at D&AD and strives to call on the government and business leaders to recognise the value of embedding design and creativity into the DNA of British businesses.

With over 30 years experience, Dick Powell believes passionately that design is not just about being different or more stylish, but about being better – better primarily for people and ultimately therefore also business and the world.

Dick has appeared on numerous radio and television programmes alongside business partner Richard Seymour, and has sat on the boards of the Design Council, the Design Business Association and the D&AD Executive. Dick was global design advisor to Samsung Electronics and is currently a member of the International Advisory Panel for Design in Singapore.

Emily Brooke


Founder and CEO, Blaze

Emily traded Physics at Oxford University for Product Design in Brighton, where she created an innovation set to drastically improve cycling safety, and started her own company to realise it. Blaze launched with the Laserlight this February – a beautifully designed front light, that also uses a laser to project the symbol of a bike down onto the road ahead. It tackles the greatest cause of cyclist fatality, being caught in the blind spot, by alerting road users ahead of the bike of its presence, preventing them turning across its path.

The Laserlight is the flagship offering in a range of products for urban cyclists from this London based startup. Blaze has been operating for 18 months and in that time fulfilled one of the first successful Kickstarters in the UK, raised investment from the Branson family and Index Ventures and is now gearing up for its first full Autumn/Winter season shipping lights.

Will Carleysmith


Design and Engineering Director, Brompton Bicycle

Will Carleysmith is Design and Engineering Director at Brompton Bicycle, the makers of the famous folding bike. Will has worked at Brompton for ten years, during which the company has grown turnover by 500%, now selling 46,000 bikes a year in 48 countries. Brompton designs in-house almost all of the components that make up the bike as well as the jigs, fixtures and machines used to manufacture the frames in West London. Will’s teams are now working on electric propulsion systems, lightweight frame materials, automated manufacturing technology as well as the continual development of the iconic core product. The goal of all this varied design is to create smarter products for travelling in cities that are a joy to use and give people real freedom.