Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any additional information on the Great British Make Off, please see the FAQs below or contact us on

We will update the website throughout the summer with additional information on the challenge itself and how you can integrate it into your classroom activities, so watch this space.

What is the Great British Make Off?

In a nutshell it is a design & technology challenge for Key Stage 3 students that provides an opportunity for you to address content from the new National Curriculum design and technology programmes of study.

How will students respond to the competition?

Students will be asked to engage in an iterative design process, engaging with a real design challenge and then presenting their ideas. Students will then be asked to make a video - maximum two minutes long, in which they present their idea, the design process and their final proposal – sketches, drawings, models or products. The videos will be hosted on this website and used for judging.

Students will be given until 24th October to submit their responses. Winning students will then work with leading UK designers to further develop their ideas.

What do students produce?

Professional designers work to very tight time scales. This challenge reflects this. It is not essential that students will make what they have designed, rather we want them to be creative and innovative and come up with ideas that could be made later with some expert help. But it might well be that in developing their proposal, they make models to test out ideas which is to be encouraged. Anything they do can be shown and mentioned in the presentation video.

What about the video?

We are expecting that the video would be recorded using easy to use technology – a smart phone such as an iphone would be perfect. The quality of the video is not being judged, it is the quality of the ideas and their presentation that is.

So what is the challenge?

We will be launching the competition week commencing 7th September and you will receive full details at that time. The challenge will focus on cycling as a context.

Why should teachers want to take part?

The Great British Make Off provides teachers with a ready-made classroom or extra-curricular activity. We will also be looking to publicise this event across national and local media, so participation could help to build the profile of your school.

What will students gain from the experience?

The Great British Make Off has been created to enable students to learn about the designed and made world and how they can improve it. The challenge encourages students’ creativity and their ability to be innovative. Through this challenge students will gain a better understanding of product development in the real world and possible career opportunities.

So this is open to schools across the UK?

Yes. The project will also provide a useful teaching platform for design & technology classes across the whole of the UK.

What costs are involved?

Entry to the competition and related resources will be provided free of charge by the Design & Technology Association. Winning schools will be expected to cover the cost of travel incurred in order to work with professional designers.

How many students can enter from each school?

Each school can submit a maximum of four entries. For each entry schools can enter individuals or teams of no more than four students.

How will schools manage the challenge?

It is entirely up to you whether the activity takes place in class time, as homework, as extracurricular clubs, or a combination of these.